Environment and Society in a Changing World

How to get good grades on the written assignments


Each written assignment is worth about 10% of your grade.

I am NOT looking for something thrown together in 20 minutes before it was due. These should be high-quality papers: well organized, free of grammatical errors, with clear points/answers to the questions, and carefully researched (you do not always have to do research outside of the modules, but your paper should demonstrate that you understand and can apply the material in the modules). Expect to work on each paper over the course of a few days. Proofread.

Papers should be 500-750 words long.

Each paper must engage at least three concepts or ideas from the course material. This does not mean you can just mention them. It means you must define them and explain why they are relevant to your paper. You must use the ideas from the course in forming your argument, in responding to the questions.

Take time to understand the grading rubric before writing. Email me with questions.