GEOG 430
Human Use of the Environment

How to Succeed in GEOG 430


Treat Films as Core Class Content:

Take good notes during the films. There will be questions from the films on the quizzes, and you are expected to cite the film content in your exam essays.

Prepare for the Exams as if they were In-Class:

The exams for this class are open book, take-home exams. However, there are high expectations for these exams, and they are worth a large portion of your grade. A poor exam score will significantly impact your overall grade, so make sure to spend some time preparing for the exam. Leading up to the exam, you should be reviewing the class material as if you were preparing for an in-class, sit-down exam. You should know the class material well enough that you can write the majority of your essay without re-reading papers. With the 48 hours allotted to you for the exam, you should spend the majority of this time writing and ensuring your essay has good structure and flow. 

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when preparing to be successful in an online course:

Treat online learning as you would a face-to-face class

You should plan to devote at least the same amount of time to your online courses as you would to attending lectures on campus and completing assignments. Other good study habits, such as attending class (logging on) regularly and taking notes, are just as important in an online course as they are in a lecture hall!

Intentionally schedule your time

You should plan to devote 10-12 hours per week to completing lesson readings and assignments. Your learning will be most effective when you spread this participation out and engage with the course on a daily basis, if possible.

Engage, Engage, Engage!

Take every opportunity to interact with the content, the instructor, and your classmates by completing assignments and participating in discussion forums and group activities!

Be organized

Keep in sync with what's going on in the course and stay on top of deadlines and upcoming assignments.

Ask for help!

Ask for guidance when you are in need of clarification. You can also use the Discussion Forum to ask general questions about the course set-up or content.

Other Resources

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