GEOG 571
Intelligence Analysis, Cultural Geography, and Homeland Security

7.6 Research Project Rough Draft


We are now in week 7 of this course, and you have decided on a research project, medium, outline, and continued sifting through research. This week, we will ask you to submit a rough draft of your research project. This will allow your instructor to provide feedback on your progress and allow you enough time to course correct in case things are straying too far afield.

For this week, your rough draft should include:

  • At least 75% completed final project in the medium you have chosen. If you have chosen a paper, your rough draft should be at least 9 pages in length.
  • For any sections that are incomplete, there should be a rough outline sketching out how you think the written section will flow.
  • Graphs and figures should be appropriately cited and referenced in your project. If you envision graphs and figures that are not in your rough draft currently, be sure to include a placeholder and description of what that figure/map/chart will include.
  • In-text citations based on your literature review should be present and in APA format.
  • A reference section should be included for all sources that were included as in-text citations. The reference section should be in APA format. As a rough guideline: for a graduate-level research project of this length, you should use at least 15-20 sources, and more if necessary.

Note for students submitting podcasts: your podcast must be accompanied by two things:

  • either a script or transcript (some students have had good luck with Welder’s free audio-to-text transcriptions, though you will have to edit the output for spelling and format)
  • a separate document containing your works cited, properly formatted in APA style.

Reminder: you are expected to incorporate citations in the podcast itself (e.g., by conversationally stating the author and year of a study). If you are not sure how best to do this, contact your instructor.

Please look over the grading rubric for the Lesson 7 Research Project Rough Draft in Canvas, where you can view the grading criteria for this assignment.


When you are ready to submit your research project rough draft, please return to Canvas and open the Lesson 7 Research Project Rough Draft dropbox in the Lesson 7: Mobility I - Access, Movement, and Borders module.