GEOG 571
Intelligence Analysis, Cultural Geography, and Homeland Security

9.7 Research Project Final Draft


Throughout the course to date, you’ve had several mini-assignments culminating in the completion of your final project, which is due this week. These mini-assignments have allowed your instructor to provide you with constructive feedback on the direction of your assignment.

Please review again the guidelines for the final research project. Make sure that your final project meets all of these guidelines. Also review the Research Project Grading Rubric.

As a brief reminder, your final project should:

  • Be the equivalent of 12 to 15 pages (not including title, reference, graphics, or figures)
  • Have citations that are in APA format
  • Your project should have an academic research focus (this should have been established in week two)
  • Your project should have a clear thesis statement

Format Reminders:

  • If you’re writing a paper, please make sure it is double spaced using 12 point font
  • If you’re submitting a podcast, make sure it is accompanied by an updated script or transcript, and a separate document containing your works cited in APA format


When you are ready to submit your final research project, please return to Canvas and open the Lesson 9 Research Project Final Draft dropbox in the Lesson 9: Home I - Dynamics of Home module.