GEOG 585
Open Web Mapping

Lesson 6 assignment: Overlay your own data in Leaflet and examine real world use of a web mapping API


This week's assignment has two parts:

  • The first piece of the assignment requires you to adapt the Lesson 6 walkthrough to your own data. Recall that in the Lesson 4 assignment, you served a WMS using some of your term project data. For this week's assignment, overlay this WMS on a tiled map using Leaflet. Get the popups working on the WMS as well.

    The tiled map can either be the map you made in the Lesson 5 assignment, or it can be a third party hosted set of OpenStreetMap tiles.

    This task will require just some minor adaptation of the walkthrough code.

    The deliverables for this part of the project are A) your HTML source code file, B) a screenshot of the two maps overlayed with a popup displayed (just like the graphics in the walkthrough), and C) a short (200 - 300 word) write-up reflecting on how this part of the assignment went for you, what problems you encountered,  and insights you gained from it.
  • Read this GIS Stack Exchange post: How do various JavaScript mapping libraries compare? Then write a short review of the bikeshare web map at Examine the source code (use "View Page Source" in your browser) and then submit an approximately 300 - 500 word evaluation describing:
    • Which web mapping API was used?
    • Which services/layers are brought into this map?
    • What principal features/classes of the web mapping API were used? Include links to the API reference documentation for these classes.
    • What is one coding technique you learned by looking at the source code of this map?
    • What could be improved in this web map implementation in terms of code or additional interactive elements?
    Please use short paragraphs with full sentences, not just bulleted lists, to address the items above. As a small hint, the main Javascript code for producing the web map can be found in the main.js script file, which is included at the beginning of the main .html file. Don't worry if there are parts that are difficult to understand, but you should be able to figure out where and how the main layers and map are created.

Zip these deliverables into a single folder and place them in the Lesson 6 assignment drop box on Canvas.