GEOG 855
Spatial Data Analytics for Transportation

8.5 Summary of Lesson 8


In this lesson, you learned about the different ways traffic data is collected and used. You also had the opportunity to review PennDOT’s Video Log application and use it to locate some permanent traffic counting devices.

Our transportation organization of the week was Volpe, The National Transportation Systems Center. You learned about some of the initiatives in which Volpe is engaged. In particular, you explored the concept of congestion pricing and reviewed some applications of these strategies including the manner in which they affect driver behavior and their overall effectiveness in mitigating congestion.

In our weekly webinar, you had the chance to interact with two transportation professionals. Mr. Jeff Roecker spoke about some of the tools and approaches PennDOT uses to improve highway safety and Mr. Jeremy Freeland spoke about HPMS reporting and the roles that spatial tools play in the implementation of a statewide traffic count program.

Finally, in preparation for next week’s webinar, you learned about a transit planning tool called TBEST and you reviewed some requirements that transit agencies need to meet which are based on Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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