GEOG 863:
Web Application Development for Geospatial Professionals

4.1.3 Load a web scene into a 3D app


Thus far in the course, we’ve seen how to drape 2D data over a 3D globe, but we haven’t really taken advantage of the 3D environment yet. Web scenes are basically the 3D analog to web maps, in which the scene features have a Z component.

Web scenes can be either global, for situations where the earth’s spherical nature comes into play, or local, where it does not. Global scenes are displayed in the Web Mercator coordinate system, whereas local scenes can be displayed in a local, planar coordinate system.

This depiction of geodesic (great-circle) flight paths is a good example of a global scene. And this detailed model of a building and its interior provides an example of a local scene.

As with web maps, web scenes are published and discoverable through ArcGIS Online or through local implementations of ArcGIS Portal. This search will provide a list of scenes owned by Esri’s 3D team, including models of many world cities.

Have a look at the Load a basic web scene sample in the SDK.

Note that the only difference from the jen_and_barry_3d app you created earlier is in the use of the WebScene class in place of the WebMap class.