GEOG 865
Cloud and Server GIS

Assignment: Reflecting on your first AWS walkthrough


The first few lessons of this course have relatively lengthy technical walkthroughs with lots of moving parts, therefore your assignments will largely consist of showing evidence via screen captures that you were able to complete these steps. I'll also ask one or two reflection questions that you will answer to accompany these images. In Lesson 4, you'll have the opportunity to complete a more complex walkthrough and make a video demonstration of your work.


Please create a new document and put the following in it:

  1. The screen capture that you were instructed to take at the end of the walkthrough when you created your first Windows instance.
  2. A thoughtful paragraph or two answering the following question:

    Think about your current workplace (whether GIS-related or not) and how it uses computers and information technology. Then think about your recent experience launching a brand new Windows instance onto which you could do all kinds of things. What are some ways that using virtual machines on an IaaS cloud like Amazon EC2 could benefit everyday computing and IT operations at your workplace? What are some technical or logistical obstacles that your workplace might face with using virtual machines on the cloud? If you aren't currently employed or you are a full time student, consider this question from the perspective of a former job you've had, or a graduate student using computers to conduct research.

Submit your document to the lesson drop box on Canvas.