GEOG 892
Geospatial Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Summary and Final Tasks



Congratulations! You have just finished Lesson 8, Civilian and Commercial Applications of the Unmanned Aerial System. You may notice that the use of UAS for civilian applications extends to almost any applications offered by manned aircraft. In fact, the UAS provides more opportunities than the manned aircraft. The UAS, with its small maneuvering size and its low-cost operation, makes them more useful and more affordable than manned aircraft. That is very true for small projects and projects that may involve hazardous operational conditions. UAS applications are expanding, and we hear about new applications every day. Amazon, for example, recently unveiled plans for UAV package delivery service. What do you think the coolest application is that the UAS should be used for and that no one has thought about until now? Post your opinion in the discussion form.

Final Tasks

1 Complete the Lesson 8 Quiz.
2 Submit your results for exercise 2 data processing in Pix4D.
3  Submit your COA Application.