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The City Builder Game


The City Builder Game


Download the City Builder Unity Package. The package includes all the resources used in the city builder game. This is a very simple game, where the user can select different buildings from a menu and place them in specific locations in a city (only some areas allow for placing a building) using their mouse. When selecting a building to be placed in the city, its base will change color. The red color indicates that the current location of the building is illegal (and therefore it cannot be placed there), whereas the blue color indicates a legal location. The color of the base will continuously change as the user moves the building in the city to find a location to place it. Once the building is in a legal location, the user can click down on the mouse (left click) to place the building in the city. If the user clicks on an already placed building, the base of the building will become purple, indicating that it has been selected. Once selected, buildings can be removed from the city by pressing the “D” button. Moreover, the user can move the camera along the X and Z axes using the arrow keys on the keyboard (left, right, up, and down keys). This will help the user navigate the environment when placing buildings. Lastly, there is a car that patrols a street over a specified path. A quick video of this game can be seen below:

Video: City Builder Demo (00:54)  This video is not narrated.

Credit: Pejman Sajjadi

Import this package into a new Unity project. Once the import is done, navigate to the folder “City Builder”, and open the scene with the same name “City builder”. Make sure your “maximize on play” option in your game window is enabled, and then play the scene.

Screenshot Game Window: Maximize on Play

When the scene is playing, you can see a blue car patrolling over a specified path. You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard (left, right, up, down keys) to move the camera along the X and Z axes. If you click on the buttons of the menu on the left side of the screen, you can select different buildings to place in the city. Select a building, move it over a legal position and left click with your mouse to place it down. Place a few more buildings in the city. Click on a building that is already in the city. You will notice that its based will change color to purple. Press the “D” button on your keyboard to delete this building.