L1.02: The Geospatial Revolution


Before we begin to explore GEOINT, let's examine the Geospatial Revolution by watching Episode One of the Geospatial Revolution (14 minutes) video series.

If you are unable to access the video above, try going directly to the Geospatial Revolution site

As the video illustrates, in a few short years we have gone from mountains of hardcopy maps to amazing automated systems that provide insights about human use of geography. This class is not about the Geospatial Revolution per se, but how the revolution changed the way we think about, develop, and use GEOINT. Seamless layers of satellites, surveillance, and location-based technologies create a knowledge base vital to the interconnected global community. The Geospatial Revolution video describes the history, applications, related privacy issues and impact of location-based technologies that have transformed geospatial intelligence.