L1.07: Problems GEOINT Can Help to Solve


Please view Chapter One of Episode Three in the WPSU Geospatial Revolution series. This video examines how geospatial and location-based technologies influence warfare, diplomacy, police protection and privacy issues.

If you are unable to access the video above, try going directly to the Geospatial Revolution site. If YouTube is blocked in your country, you may be able to see this video on Vimeo.

Optionally, please feel free to view the following videos that illustrate how GEOINT's principles provide apply to deterring war, resolving conflict, promoting peace, defining business competition, or supporting civil authorities.

Site Location Analysis for a New Metropolitan Airfield

Rob Williams, Penn State, developed the following video as part of his Capstone for the GEOINT Certificate. It involves a business problem that has had his personal and professional interest over the years.

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The CyberTracker Story

See how many of GEOINT's technology and principles apply in other realms. Louis Liebenberg, a scientist turned tracker, is revolutionizing conservation and wildlife management using GEOINT-like technologies and techniques. His efforts are documented in The CyberTracker Story video below (8:18).

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Do you have a question related to the above examples and not directly associated with this lesson? Do you just want to express your thoughts about some aspect of GEOINT? A team of GEOINT practitioners will address your posts made to GeoINTsights Forum!. This link currently resolves to Coursera.