Fundamentals of Atmospheric Science

Summary and Final Tasks



Congratulations. You have completed METEO 300, Fundamentals of Atmospheric Science. You are now ready to build even more understanding and more skills on top of the ones that you have mastered here.

Lesson 12 was designed to see how well you could take all of this information and use it to synthesize solid explanations of atmospheric observations. The atmosphere integrates processes that occur on scales ranging from the microscale to the global scale; now maybe you appreciate the significance of this integration and how essential it is to a true understanding of the atmosphere, climate, and weather.

Hopefully, you will now have the confidence to analyze explanations offered by others for atmospheric phenomena and determine if those explanations are correct or not. Believe me, even experts sometimes provide answers that don't hold water. So when you read or hear something that doesn't sound right, dig into it and come to your own conclusions.

Hopefully you will now be fascinated by observations of the atmosphere and its amazing transformations, and will try to figure out what is happening and why. If you see something wonderful and would like to share it, I'd be happy to talk to you about it, even after the class has ended.

Reminder - Complete all of the Lesson 12 tasks!

You have reached the end of Lesson 12! Double-check that you have completed all of the activities.