Fundamentals of Atmospheric Science

12.3 The Final Comprehensive Examination


12.3 The Final Comprehensive Examination

The final examination will be comprehensive. The goal of this exam is to test you on your competence in relation to the course learning objectives.

The final exam will consist of questions and problems from the quizzes that you have taken throughout the course. That does not mean that all of the questions and problems on the exam will be ones that you have already solved. That is because each quiz consisted of more questions and problems than you were actually given. The ones you answered were randomly selected from larger banks of questions and problems. The questions and problems that you receive on the exam should be similar in objective and level of difficulty to the ones that you have already answered in the quizzes.

The final exam will be opened for you on a date to be announced in class or by email and closed several days later. I strongly recommend that you finish and submit your final project and then take the final exam. I am giving you several days to complete the exam—that should be enough time even if you need to fit it in around other obligations. You may use any books, on-line materials, including practice quizzes, quizzes, etc. But do not consult a classmate or any other student for help on the exam.