EMSC 100
Freshman Seminar in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

Summary and Final Tasks


So how's your atmospheric toolbox? Hopefully it is full of some useful items. Don't forget how to use them! We are going to need them in the Lessons to come and it's going to be up to you to use them correctly without being prompted. If I had to pick three of the most important tools, I would say they are: time-conversion, figuring out wind direction, and reading contour maps. I think that you will use these tools often and many students have trouble with them (especially time conversion). If you have a good handle on these tools, you will be rewarded with an easier time of learning the more challenging topics that lie ahead if you take METEO 3.

Reminder - Complete all of the lesson tasks!

You have finished Lesson 1. Double-check the list of requirements on the Lesson 1 Overview page (2 graded assignments) to make sure you have completed all of the activities listed.