EMSC 100
Freshman Seminar in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

Objectives and Assignments


What will we learn in Lesson 1?

Objectives play a key role in learning, in that they provide you, the student, with a road map as you read the material. When reading a long passage of text, it is often difficult to identify which concepts are of critical importance and which are more ancillary in nature. Having the objectives in mind helps you to focus on the important topics. These objectives also give you a preview to the lesson's quiz -- each quiz question will be mapped to a particular objective. They are the answer to the often asked question, "Is this going to be on the test?" We suggest that you print off the objectives, or otherwise make reference to them in your textbook and/or reading notes.

By the end of Lesson 1, you should be able to:

  • discuss the composition of the atmosphere;
  • identify/discuss map features such as latitude lines, meridians and projections. Orienting one's self on a certain projection is also required;
  • convert to and from UTC and common US time zones;
  • perform an estimated conversion between various temperature scales;
  • place certain features within the categories of synoptic, mesoscale, and micro scale;
  • provide statistical measures such as range, and mean, and normal;
  • read specific point values off of an isoplethed map;
  • determine through which "gate" a given isotherm will pass ( given a choice of paths);
  • estimate and compare gradients in temperature (etc.);
  • interpret a station model. This includes temperature, wind speed/direction, cloud cover, and obstruction to visibility;
  • make observations of surface data displayed in a meteogram format.

What is due for Lesson 1?

Lesson 1 will take us one week to complete. Please refer to the Syllabus in Canvas for specific time frames and due dates.

The chart below provides an overview of the requirements for Lesson 1. For assignment details, refer to the lesson page noted.

Requirements for Lesson 1
Requirement Location Submitted for Grading?
Lab 1: Collect your data, perform the analysis, and submit your answers in the "Lab Exercise #1" drop box.

Canvas Modules page

"Lab Exercise #1"

Yes - This laboratory exercise will count towards your class grade.
Lesson Quiz #1

Canvas Modules page

"Lesson 1 Quiz"
Yes - Taking this Canvas-based quiz will count towards your overall quiz average.


If you have any questions, please let me know in class or via Canvas email.