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Welcome to Donkey Cheese 101

Thank you for joining our tutorial for producing locally sourced, cruelty-free donkey cheese.

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Of course, you can skip the tutorial and click here to buy our world-famous cheese!

Most Expensive Cheese in the Universe Is Made from Donkey Milk!

Unbeknownst to millions, the most expensive cheese anywhere comes from donkeys. Traditionally, "Pule" cheese is made only in The Balkans, on one single donkey farm, and sells for $1000 per pound! See more at

Yep, all of the pule on the planet is produced at the Zasavica Special Nature Preserve, in Serbia. See more here. And it's so expensive because donkeys yield little milk and are milked by hand three times a day. 

Before we get into the tutorial, you might be interested to know that Novak Djokovic, the #1 ranked men's tennis player in the world (click here for more), owns a lot of donkey cheese. In fact, in 2012, he bought all of the donkey cheese in existence. Click here for more information. He buys it in bulk for his string of Serbian restaurants. Making your own donkey cheese is a great alternative to trying to compete with Novak Djokovic. He's a seasoned competitor! See more here.