AE 868
Commercial Solar Electric Systems

Procurement Report/Peer Review


This week, you will complete the Peer Review portion of the Procurement Report assignment.

Procurement Report/Peer Review
Activity Details
Assignment Visit the Procurement Report/Peer Review page for details of the overall assignment and submission instructions. This week, you will be working on and submitting the Peer Review.

For the Peer Review portion of this assignment, you must complete the following:
  1. Edited markup of one classmate's Report. The main items to consider marking up are:
    • the main technical parameters, and
    • the recommended product parameters.
  2. Review Summary: This one-page document includes constructive feedback to your peer that will strengthen the final product selections for PV systems. This must include:
    • General Comments: This is a broad statement of your impressions gathered in reviewing the Report. This should include any major errors or omissions that appear to seriously weaken the Report. This should also include constructive and positive statements of the Report.
    • Practical Relevance: This should discuss if the Report provides technical justification when recommending the system components; or might the author have randomly selected the components? For example, does the author fulfill the goal of recommending the best PV system components that will maximize solar utility for the client in the given locale?
    • Discussion on the clarity of the Report: This is a summary statement of the spelling/grammar, organization of content, and proper use of citations and references.