Penn State Data Management Plan Tutorial

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Introduction to Data Management Plans:

NSF Directorates DMP guidelines: There are several directorates in the NSF that have more specific guidance than what follows in this tutorial. It is recommended that you refer to such guidelines (see the list below), if your directorate is included, in addition to taking this tutorial.

Other Resources:

Below are links to more information about the data planning and data sharing requirements that NSF and the NIH have in place; online courses/modules in data management; and a list of links to stories about data casualties.

Part 1: Data and Data Collection

Part 2: Documenting the Data

Part 3: Policies for Data Sharing and Access

Part 4: Reuse and Redistribution of Data

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Part 5: Long-Term Preservation and Archiving of Data

  • "Born Digital, Projects Need Attention to Survive"
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