Penn State Data Management Plan Tutorial

Part 1: Data and Data Collection

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drawing of Kim

Dr. Smart Asks Kim to Write a DMP

A new graduate student, Kim, has just come on board Professor I. B. Smart's research team. For Kim's first assignment, Dr. Smart has asked her to prepare the data management plan for a grant proposal he is writing. He has gathered initial data and asked Kim to look at them to determine what's been collected and how to begin describing the data. Kim's assessment will help both her and Dr. Smart understand the data types and formats the proposed project will address.

In this part, you will be able to describe the types of data that will be collected during your research, with attention to the following:

  • Method of data collection
  • Approximate quantity (also growth rate and rate of change) of data
  • Tools or software needed to produce, process, and analyze (also visualize, if applicable) the data
Several circles displaying the text, Raw Data Now!
Raw data are worth preserving (especially if well described). Don't underestimate its usefulness to other researchers.
Credit: lucacorsato on Flickr. CC-BY 2.0