Penn State Data Management Plan Tutorial

Part 4: Reuse and Redistribution of Data

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Kim Considers Ways that the Data May Be Repurposed

Kim now has a good sense of how much of Dr. Smart's data can be shared without restrictions, and how much of it will need extended protections. She's presently at the point of investigating another aspect of data sharing and access - the means of distributing the data for reuse and creation of derivatives. Dr. Smart would like to be able to point to his data sets from this research, making them freely available, rather than have to provide them on demand. He's interested in making his data easily discoverable and easily accessible.

In this part, you will find out some of the ways to make research data available for sharing and reuse, such as modes and levels of access.

A survey of more than 1,300 US scientists in 2010 showed an appetite for sharing data, but significant hurdles that kep many from doing it.
The realities of data sharing and access in 2010 for many scientists.