Penn State Data Management Plan Tutorial

4.2 How Will the Data Be Shared?

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In thinking about how your data will be disseminated and shared, consider the primary community (or communities) of interest for your research - that is, who is the anticipated audience for your data?

Another factor to address is how the data in your field are currently shared. Are there well-known data repositories through which data of the type you'll be generating are typically made accessible? Before the DMP requirement was implemented, it was acceptable for researchers to make assurances in grant applications that their data would be stored on a hard drive and be made data available upon request. Since the mandate, it is recommended that you make your data publicly available via a repository service. (The next part of this tutorial will focus more on data repositories.)

Intended and future uses:

Finally, the DMP should state what the intended uses of the data are likely to be, and who is likely to use the data. How might the data be reused and repurposed and thus transformed? What alternative uses of the collected data might be possible? As described by Dr. Traverse in the following video, it may not even be possible for you to imagine some of the future uses for your data!


Link to YouTube video.