Penn State Data Management Plan Tutorial

Next Steps to Take

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drawing of Kim

Kim Arranges a Consult - and Updates her Resume!

Kim is finished writing the DMP for Dr. Smart's grant proposal application. Her next steps are to ask the librarian responsible for reviewing DMPs with researchers to look it over and provide feedback. She also will contact the liaison/subject librarian for her discipline to seek additional comments on the DMP. Dr. Smart is thrilled with her contribution and tells Kim that now that she has written a DMP, she should list this experience on her resume. Scientists who know how to plan for, and manage, research data will be in high demand!

Essentially, a DMP is a description of how you will collect, manage, document, preserve and share your data. The DMP can save you time and effort down the road. Not only is it required by many funding agencies, a good DMP can also help improve your chances of getting a grant. A data management plan is a useful tool for any researcher.

The last part of this tutorial reviews the main points to remember in writing a DMP.

Image of Moleskine notebook with handwriting and graph
"HIV: The Moleskine Summary"
Credit: Niels Olson