Penn State Data Management Plan Tutorial

1.4 Data Quantity and Rate of Growth

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If possible, a DMP should estimate how much data is expected to be generated and the rate at which it will likely grow. Such an approximation will also inform storage capacity and other related needs.

Some questions to consider, if data collection has already started, are the following:

  • Where and how are the data currently stored?
  • How long has data collection been occurring?
  • During this period, how much data has been collected or generated?
  • How much storage capacity is the collected data using?
  • How frequently have you needed to access the data?
Graph showing anticipated rate of data growth during period 2005-2012
Graph from 2009 visualizing anticipated growth in data on a global level and the inability of storage capacity to keep up.

If a specialized storage facility or capability will be required, it should be described in this section. This is more common for collections of non-digital resources such as physical samples, but may be helpful to address with other data types as well.

Shelves of ice cores at the National Ice Core Lab.
Storage shelves at National Ice Core Lab.