EME 444
Global Energy Enterprise

Summary and Final Tasks


In this lesson, you learned about general types of nonmarket strategy and specific strategies for activities in institutional (government) arenas. The cast study, continued from the previous lesson, demonstrated the final steps of a nonmarket issue analysis. The findings of the analysis were presented in a tabular Nonmarket Analysis Summary Framework. The continuation of the Case Study information collection process provided additional in-depth experience with the structure and mechanics of renewable portfolio standards (RPS) programs.

You learned:

  • the meanings pf public politics and private politics;
  • three general types of nonmarket strategy for government arenas;
  • details of many specific strategy types for use in nonmarket arenas;
  • through the RPS Case Study, how to assess demand for and supply of nonmarket action;
  • to apply data to the nonmarket analysis of issues related to renewable portfolio standard (RPS) programs.

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