EME 444
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Overview of Lesson 2

Nonmarket strategy includes all of the interesting and creative activities a stakeholder may perform in an effort to create a nonmarket environment that best serves its interest. A firm may challenge a law that makes it expensive or difficult to do business or compete with others, for example. An individual may organize a boycott of products or services that violate the individual's interests or principles--hey, don't buy from them, they donate to cause/candidate that we disagree with! Protesters may march in the streets or write letters to elected officials. A firm may commission a study, with likely positive outcomes in a field related to its business, for distribution to the public and policy makers. These are all attempts to use forces outside of the market to influence what happens in the market--where the money changes hands!

In this lesson, we will look at strategies that apply to nonmarket action that takes place in government arenas. This is called public politics. In the following lesson, we will consider strategies for nonmarket action that takes place outside of public arenas, called private politics.

What will we learn?

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to...

  • explain the difference between public politics and private politics;
  • list and describe three general approaches to nonmarket strategy in government arenas;
  • demonstrate a range of specific strategies for nonmarket action in government arenas;
  • understand the role of lobbying and related nonmarket action in the overall performance of many firms and nonprofits;
  • complete all steps of a nonmarket issue analysis;
  • apply data and analytics to a standard renewable portfolio standard structure and related policy implications.

What is due for Lesson 2?

The table below provides an overview of the requirements for Lesson 2. For details, please see individual assignments.

Please refer to the Calendar in Canvas for specific time frames and due dates.

To Do List for Lesson 2
Read Lesson 2 content and any additional assigned material Not submitted.
Weekly Activity 2 Yes—Complete Activity located in the Modules Tab in Canvas.