EME 444
Global Energy Enterprise

Summary and Final Tasks


With this lesson, we continued our survey of energy industries based on energy sources. In this lesson, you learned about the natural gas industry--from exploration and extraction, transportation, resource estimates, demand, usage, and externalities.

You learned:

  • about sources of renewable energy, in the USA and worldwide;
  • to quantify biomass and hydropower energy sources, in the USA and worldwide;
  • to explain biomass conversion processes, including feedstocks and products of each;
  • about biomass logistics and identify major operations;
  • details about major factors related to bioenergy economic, social, and environmental sustainability;
  • appropriate and correct units of measure to use with electricity data;
  • about worldwide trends and projections for electricity generation from renewable sources;
  • the major types and components of hydropower plants;
  • to apply major factors related to hydropower economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Have you completed everything?

You have reached the end of Lesson 8! Double-check the list of requirements on the first page of this lesson to make sure you have completed all the activities listed there.