EME 810
Solar Resource Assessment and Economics

12.2 Discussion Activity: What is a Superior Design Team?


Yellowdig Discussion

So far, you have been working individually, or with the feedback from a peer, to design a project proposal. This proposal has elements of solar resource assessment, system engineering, financial assessment, social and policy awareness, ecosystem services - hollistically combined in a sustainable approach to energy systems. If that seems like a lot for one individual to wrap their mind around, you're right!

In our last discussion activity of the semester, I would like you to post your dream team of integrative design. Imagine that you just started a small solar design firm. You now need to hire a team to help you build your company name by reputation of being highly reliable, economically competitive, and producing high-quality solar projects.

What members would you want in your team, and what skills would they need to bring to the table?

Post your thoughts on the Yellowdig Discussion this week. Do not forget to read everyone's posts and provide your feedback too.


We have a couple of new topics added to Yellowdig menu to facilitate discussion over the final weeks of the semester. Also, feel free to revisit any previous topics, especially if your project building research provided you with some new insights or resources you'd like to share:

Grading and Deadline

These last two weeks of the semester are your last chance to contribute to the EME 810 Yellowdig Community and boost your participation grade. Each weekly point earning period ends on Friday. You can't go back and make things up - it is a live forum! Any activity you generate contributes to the current week grade only. Maximizing your score now (max 1350 per week) does help you offset missed weeks in the total semester score. Remember Yellowdig discussions will account for 15% of your final grade.

Thank you for your active participation in the community discussions this semester!