EME 810
Solar Resource Assessment and Economics

11.0 Overview



In this lesson, you will be pulling together all the elements of the course from the past months and composing the first draft of your solar project proposal for evaluation by your peers. We are doing the proposal to your client in two stages (the draft, then the final submission) so that you may have time to develop your ideas and background research, and so that you may learn from others by reviewing, and being reviewed by a peer from the class. Your proposal will convey the full spectrum of skills that you have been developing to better accomplish the goal of solar design: to maximize solar utility for your client and stakeholders in their specific locale. We have broken down the course into three main blocks, which I will review here:

  1. Engineering/Technological: resource assessment, shading analysis, technology assessment, technology performance simulation
  2. Economic/Financial: financial constraints, financial simulations, elasticity of demand, comparative analysis, reducing risk
  3. Risk Management: broader impacts, policy constraints, stakeholder analysis, sustainability and ecosystems services assessment

This lesson is another step in preparation for the final project, which will include using SAM from NREL and will require a project proposal that addresses location, client, and technology (sustainability).