EM SC 470
Applied Sustainability in Contemporary Culture



The purpose of this lesson is for you to review key concepts from Lesson 5 (Rhetorical Analysis) in EM SC 240N. I strongly encourage you to at least browse through Lesson 5 of EM SC 240N, though that is not required.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • define rhetoric, ethos, pathos, and logos;
  • analyze claims made in speech, writing, and imagery through the lens of the rhetorical triangle;
  • define greenwashing;
  • identify the greenwashing content of advertising claims;
  • identify lies of commission, lies of omission, and character lies;
  • define the term homo economicus; and
  • analyze principles of Behavioral Economics.

Lesson Roadmap

Lesson Roadmap
To Read Lesson 5 Online Content You're here!
To Do
  • Lesson 5 Quiz
  • Lesson 5 Discussion Board
  • OPTIONAL Lesson 5 Journal Entry
  • Canvas Modules > Lesson 5
  • Canvas Modules > Lesson 5
  • Canvas Modules > Lesson 5


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