GEOG 431
Geography of Water Resources



Chapter 10 is the text discusses water economics which is important for the understanding of water conflicts. Chapter 11 of the text addresses both water conflicts and law/governance. We'll get to issues of conflict in Lesson 10. Focus on gaining background on the origins of water rights, followed by how they are expressed internationally, especially with regard to what the U.N. seeks for water governance among all nations.

Required Reading

Holden (2020) - Teelucksingh et al., Chapter 10 - Water Economics (ONLY p.353-365)

Holden (2020) – Tongper and Barua, Chapter 11 Water conflict, law and governance 

With Chapter 11, we are focusing on water law and regulations at the federal level in the U.S. You'll read about protections both historically and under present rules. Focus on the intent of the Clean Water Act. This will lead into the recent water-related cases decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, especially Rapanos v. United States. Discussion #4 addresses this case and its aftermath.

Required Reading

McElfish, JM, Jr., and RP Brooks. 2013. Policy and regulatory programs affecting wetlands and waters of the Mid-Atlantic Region. Pages 441-462 [Chapter 13 in RP Brooks and DH Wardrop (eds.) Mid-Atlantic Freshwater Wetlands: Advances in science, management, policy, and practice.]

This brief "white paper" explains some of the issues associated with the Rapanos decision. Additional readings are recommended for those that find these applied aspects of implementing a law fascinating.

Required Reading

Rapanos White Paper: Brooks and Havens 2014, Proposal to USEPA