GEOG 431
Geography of Water Resources

Summary and Final Tasks



As you can see from the readings and your investigation of a water conflict, societies have argued and fought over access to water resources since civilization began, and probably before that time. Usually, in places where water availability is most threatened by arid conditions, conflicts are most intense, but not always. There are plenty of examples of conflict from temperate and tropical regions as well, where water availability is not the issue. As environmental conditions shift based on the predictions for climate change, the expectations are that conflicts over water will flare up more often and perhaps with more intensity. The United Nations is concerned, as are the military and national security planners in many nations. The goal, of course, is to decrease the number and extent of these conflicts by seeking reasonable solutions for all parties, and to sustainable freshwater supplies for all involved, such that human health and survival, plus ecological integrity, is maintained indefinitely.

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