GEOG 469
Energy Industry Applications of GIS

Lesson 6 - Completing the Esri "Using Raster Data for Site Selection" and "Distance Analysis Using ArcGIS" Courses


An Overview of Lesson 6

Lesson 6 has a single focus – the completion of two Esri training courses: "Using Raster Data for Site Selection" and "Distance Analysis Using ArcGIS".

What is due for Lesson 6?

This lesson will take us one week to complete. Please refer to the calendar in Canvas for specific time frames and due dates. There are a number of required activities in this lesson, as outlined below. 

  1. Access the ESRI ArcGIS Courses
    1. Log-in to MyTraining using the same User ID and Password you used to establish your Esri account when activating your software

    2. Once logged-in, Click on CATALOG > FIND TRAINING

    3. In the search box type “ Using Raster Data for Site Selection”

    4. A list of courses will be displayed, click on the box that contains “Using Raster Data for Site Selection”

    5. This takes you to the course screen landing page. Click on “Launch Course”

    6. You are now on the course instructional page, with the Table of Contents listed on the left sidebar. You can now start the course or you can enroll in the second course

    7. If enrolling in the second course, click on “My Learning” in the upper right corner to arrive at the Training page

    8. To enroll in “Distance Analysis for ArcGIS”, follow steps 1 through 6 above  

  2. Complete the "Using Raster Data for Site Selection" course through the Esri Virtual Campus and submit it to the Lesson 6: Esri E-Learning drop box.
  3. Complete the "Distance Analysis Using ArcGIS" course through the Esri Virtual Campus and submit it to the Lesson 6: Esri E-Learning drop box.
    NOTE: To successfully complete this Esri course, you must enable the spatial analyst extension in ArcGIS. To do this follow these steps:
    • Close the Extensions Window. Spatial Analyst is now enabled.

    • Make sure all extensions have a check mark placed next to them.

    • Click on "Extensions."

    • Click on "Customize" on the top Ribbon Menu Bar.

    • Open ArcMap.

  4. Take a short answer essay quiz reflecting on the Esri courses you completed. The quiz can be found in the Lesson 6 Module of Canvas.
  5. Upload your Lesson 5 essay to the discussion forum and comment on your classmate's contributions for 1 point extra credit.

Submitting Your Work

Please submit your Certificates of Completion to the Lesson 6 – Esri E-learning dropbox in Canvas no later than Sunday at midnight of Lesson 6 (see our course calendar for specific due date).

Grading criteria

The ESRI courses will be graded on a simple pass/fail basis but is worth 10% of the total course grade. You will "pass" by submitting your Certificates of Completion! The assignment is worth 10 points.


That's it for Lesson 6! If you have any questions, please post them to our Questions? discussion forum. I will check that discussion forum daily to respond. While you are there, feel free to post your own responses if you, too, are able to help out a classmate.