GEOG 487
Environmental Challenges in Spatial Data Science

Required Readings and Website Exploration


Required Readings and Website Exploration

There are two types of required readings for Lesson 4, USGS information and Esri Help Topics, and a couple of websites that I would like you to explore. The first reading is a fact sheet that provides more information about the invasive species in our study area. The second link sends you to a Virginia Institute for Marine Science (VIMS)/Center for Coastal Resource Management (CCRM) page that outlines GIS methods that are used when producing a shoreline and tidal marsh inventory. The third is a link to the Virginia Coastal Resource Tools Portal and within that page is a link to the Virginia Comprehensive Map Viewer. The Comprehensive Map Viewer displays a specific example of the shoreline and tidal marsh inventory produced by the CCRM. Feel free to explore additional VIMS/CCRM pages, there are many additional links that provide tidal marsh inventory examples. There are also a handful of Esri help topics related to operations we will use in ArcGIS during the Step-by-Step Activity.


Esri Help Topics

Find the help articles listed below on ArcGIS Pro Resource Center website.