GEOG 571
Intelligence Analysis, Cultural Geography, and Homeland Security

2.4 A Discipline by Any Other Name...


A discipline by any other name is still Cultural Geography in nature. Cultural Geography and its concepts have been a core part of intelligence and military operations since the formal beginnings of Geography as an academic discipline. Recognizing the utility of understanding the landscape, countries engaged in military operations as early as the 1870s often used geography and cartography to aid in their endeavors (Forsyth, 2019). The terms used to describe the incorporation of cultural geographic concepts in intelligence have evolved, as have the ethical issues surrounding it. Do the benefits of incorporating these concepts outweigh the ethical issues? This lesson will help you navigate the minefield of this aspect of cultural geography.


Forsyth, I. (2019). A genealogy of military geographies: Complicities, entanglements, and legacies. Geography Compass, 13(3), e12422.