GEOG 571
Intelligence Analysis, Cultural Geography, and Homeland Security

2.10 Research Project Proposal


A central part of earning a master's degree is demonstrating the ability to conduct research and to analyze real-world phenomena. The value of doing research and analysis is not limited to academia; these are skills that have immense practical value in both personal and professional spheres, especially within the fields of intelligence and human security, where analysis is the heart of the work. It takes training and practice to learn and refine research and analysis skills; this is why the successful completion of a well-written and well-documented research project is one of the requirements to pass GEOG 571. This research project is worth 200 points total.

For more information about the research project, please review the Research Project information pages. A link to the Research Project information pages is also available in the Lessons menu.

The Research Project Guidelines page contains a list of broad research project questions to get you started, and some examples of specific research questions used by previous students. You are encouraged to develop your own specific research question that falls within those guidelines.


Your submission for this week should contain the following:

  • The primary (i.e., specific) research question, which will be the focus of your project
  • Justification for your question, explaining the merits of this project
  • A list of three potential scholarly sources (see this video if you need a refresher on what constitutes a scholarly source)
  • A list of three to five keywords or search terms that you will use to find additional sources
  • The format you would like to use to deliver your project
  • Not required, but you may also list any concerns, challenges, or roadblocks you foresee while conducting your research

When you are ready to submit your research project proposal and related information, please return to Canvas and open the Lesson 2 Research Project Proposal dropbox in the Lesson 2: Cultural Geography, Intelligence, and Security module.