GEOG 571
Intelligence Analysis, Cultural Geography, and Homeland Security

3.10 Written Brief Assignment


You are providing recommendations to your city council to make a public space more inclusive. Frame your recommendations around your experiences of inclusion and exclusion in various spaces and places, and the role that identity played in those.

Example: There is a city-owned skate park that is dominated by teenage boys, almost all of them white. Parents of younger kids, particularly elementary-school-age girls who want to skate there, have complained that their kids are frequently excluded from the space.

Using this example as a guide, develop a situation that might occur in a space you are intimately familiar with.

Assignment Requirements:

  • Clearly stated recommendations.
  • State the location you are referring to. This location must include the public space, the city, and the state (if in the US) or country (if outside of the US).
  • Using the readings and lesson material, explain why your recommendations would make this space more inclusive.
  • Using the readings and lesson material, explain why this space was previously perceived as a zone of exclusion.

Your brief should:

  • Be no longer than two pages (300-500 words,) not including any ancillary graphs, maps, and figures.
  • Follow the basic rules for written briefs provided in the “Writing a Brief” section of this lesson, including putting your bottom line up front.
    • Hint: Your main point should be the first sentence of your first paragraph. All of the information that follows should support that main point, in decreasing order of importance.
  • Include citations.


When you have completed your written brief, return to the Lesson 3: Identity I - Foundations module in Canvas and look for the Lesson 3 Written Brief dropbox. The dropbox has instructions for submitting the assignment.

Please check the Canvas Syllabus or Calendar for specific time frames and due dates.