GEOG 571
Intelligence Analysis, Cultural Geography, and Homeland Security

4.8 Research Project Outline and Annotated Bibliography


This week you will have an outline for your research project and an annotated bibliography due.

Research Project Outline

The research project outline should provide an overall framework for your research project:

  • How is it structured?
  • What are important sub-topics related to your research project?

While this framework/outline may change a little as you progress through your research, this outline should serve as the guiding force through your research project.

Annotated Bibliography

Your annotated bibliography is a brief synopsis of the literature you have been reading with reference to your research project. At this point, your annotated bibliography should have at least ten entries.

Each entry should be no more than 2 to 5 sentences in addition to the citation. Important aspects of annotated bibliography entries include:

  • Literature citation in APA format,
  • Brief synopsis of the literature,
  • Brief assessment and reflection on the relevance (or lack of relevance) to your subject.
    • Note: Keeping track of articles that do not pertain to your research project is just as important as keeping track of those articles that are pertinent. These articles can provide you with search terms that you may want to avoid, etc.

An annotated bibliography is not the literature’s abstract.


Cornell University’s Library provides excellent examples of annotated bibliographies to be emulated for your assignment.


When you are ready to submit your research project Outline and Annotated Bibliography, please return to Canvas and open the 4.8 Research Project Outline and Annotated Bibliography dropbox in the Lesson 4: Identity II - Boundaries and Identity module.