GEOG 583
Geospatial System Analysis and Design

Term Project: Peer Review Discussion

You will be working on a UML (Unified Modeling Language) design to illustrate the system, actors, use cases, and relationships between all the individuals contributing/using your GISystem. A UML is similar to the model builder you can develop in ArcPro to show the steps in an analysis. It is also an excellent way to explain and show the design to someone that is not familiar with your project, since it provides a "blueprint" of the collaborators.

You will also be collaborating with your peers this week through a presentation of your project. The peer review is a way for you to assess the soundness, quality, and originality of your project. It also allows you to clarify your ideas as they are explained to classmates and learn from other’s work. It is an opportunity to provide evaluative and constructive feedback. You will experience active learning that involves actively engaging with other students and the course material through discussion.

This week, you will be working on two components of your project.

1. You will create a UML design illustrating the system, actors, use cases, and relationships between all the individuals contributing to your design. Then you will write a short explanation of the design.

2. You will meet with 2 peers in a zoom meeting. You will provide a 20 minutes presentation to your peers and you will watch your peer's presentations. You will also provide kudos, suggestions, and comments to help your peers excel in their project. Be sure to use this time to develop a cohesive presentation and practice it so that you have a foundation for the mini-conference in modules 9 and 10. 

When you are ready, move on to the Module 8 Term Project: UML Design and Lesson 8 Term Project: Peer Review Discussion.