GEOG 858
Spatial Data Science for Emergency Management

Overview & Checklist


Map of Indonesia with the Earthquake and tsunami location highlighted
Drawing on data from the USGS, The New York Times worked quickly to develop informative maps and web content showing key observations from the Earthquake and Tsunami impacting Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Credit: New York Times

This week, we will learn about how geospatial approaches and technologies were used to respond and recover from the 9.28.2018 Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami in Indonesia. This disaster required a large-scale response from many entities including response organizations around the world. The geography of the affected area made it very difficult to reach victims and assess the damage - posing a variety of challenges to geospatial analysts that we will explore this week.

What You Will Learn

By the successful completion of this lesson, you should be able to:

  • identify and critique the ways in which GIS was used to respond and recover from the 9.28.18 Sulawesi, Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami;
  • explain the complexity associated with very large disasters that international cooperation;
  • revise the final draft of your term project;
  • describe and discuss the Internet of Things (IoT) in emergency management situations.

What You Will Do

Lesson 9 is one week in length. To finish this lesson, you must complete the activities listed below. 

Lesson 9 Checklist
To Read
  • Lesson content on the 2018 Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami case study
  • Social vulnerability to natural hazards in Indonesia: driving factors and policy implications (2014)
  • Spatial Planning, Disaster Risk Reduction, and Climate Change Adaptation Integration in Indonesia: Progress, Challenges, and Approach (2017)
  • Online resources about tsunami warning systems (2018)
To Do
  • Reading Assignment and Short Project
  • Emerging Theme Discussion

  • Term Project: Work on Final Draft

Please refer to the Course Calendar for specific due dates.


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