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4.4.2 VectorTileLayer


4.4.2 VectorTileLayer


  • newer technology than raster tiles
  • data are still cached, but aren’t just static pictures
  • service passes geometry and styling info to client, which then does the rendering
  • Attributes are not included, popups and other feature interactions are not available
  • same set of tiles can be styled in many ways
  • also mostly associated with basemaps; the -vector options of the Map’s basemap property result in the addition of a VectorTileLayer
  • tile creation much shorter process than for raster tiles
  • tile creation can be done in ArcGIS Pro, but not ArcMap

How do I know I’m dealing with a VectorTileLayer?

  • unlike the other layer types described here, vector tile layers can only be discovered through ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Portal
  • in ArcGIS Online, when viewing the layer’s Details page, its Source will be listed as a Vector Tile Service and it will have a View Style button

Class description in the SDK:

Example service:

  • several world-scale vector tile layers (all based on the same data, just styled differently) created by Esri and hosted on ArcGIS Online: ArcGIS Vector Basemaps

Code sample: