GEOG 892
Geospatial Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Summary and Final Tasks



Congratulations! You have just completed Lesson 9. You may have noticed from the different sections of the lessons that the UAS market is growing rapidly. There are quite a few manufacturers for the civilian UAS, as well as software and sensor producers. User requirements will drive the selection process for the UAS and the processing software that is right for the job. Required UAS endurance, range and payload capacity will be different from one application to another. However, most applications will prefer more endurance, longer range, and heavier payload if the price is right.

In this lesson, you also learned about the value of evaluating data quality and accuracy and how to use the new ASPRS standards to report such quality and accuracy factors. 

By now, you must be finishing the products generation of ortho photo and digital elevation model using Pix4D and the sample imagery. Samples of the products need to be submitted with your project report and presented next week during your presentation.

Final Tasks

1 Prepare your presentation for the final project.
2 Final Project Milestone: Submit final project report.