GEOG 497
3D Modeling and Virtual Reality

Tasks and Deliverables


Tasks and Deliverables


The homework assignment for this lesson is to report on what you have done in this lecture. The assignment has two tasks and deliverables with different submission deadlines, all in week 8, as detailed below. Successful delivery of the two tasks is sufficient to earn the full mark on this assignment. However, for efforts that go "above & beyond" by improving the roll-the-ball game, e.g. create a more complex play area -like a maze- instead of the box, and/or make the main camera follow the movement of the ball, you could be awarded one point if you fall short on any of the other criteria.

To help with the last suggested extra functionality, use the following script and attach it to the main camera:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class FollowBall : MonoBehaviour
    // reference to the ball game object
    public GameObject Ball;

    // a vector3 to hold the distance between the camera and the ball
    public Vector3 Distance;

    // Start is called once before the first frame update
    void Start()
        // assign the ball game object
        Ball = GameObject.Find("Ball");

        //calculate the distance between the camera and the ball at the beginning of the game
        Distance = gameObject.transform.position - Ball.transform.position;
    // This called after the Update finishes
    void LateUpdate()
        // after each frame set the camera position, to the position of the ball plus the original distance between the camera and the ball 
// replace the ??? with your solution
        gameObject.transform.position = ???;

Task 1: Find and Review Unity 3D/VR Application

Search the web for a 3D (or VR) application/project that has been built with the help of Unity. The only restriction is that it is not one of the projects linked in the list above and not a computer game. Then write a 1-page review describing the application/project itself and what you could figure out how Unity has been used in the project. Reflect on the reasons why the developers have chosen Unity for their project. Make sure you include a link to the project's web page in your report.

Deliverable 1: Submit your review report to the appropriate Lesson 7 Assignment.

Grading Rubric Unit 3D/VR Application Review

Grading Rubric
Criteria Full Credit Half Credit No Credit Possible Points
URL is provided, the application/project uses Unity, is not already listed on this page, and is not a game. 2 pts 1 pts 0 pts 2 pts
The report clearly describes the purpose of the application/project and the application itself. 3 pts 1.5 pts 0 pts 3 pts
The report contains thoughtful reflections on the reasons why Unity has been chosen by the developers. 3 pts 1.5 pts 0 pt 3 pts
The report is of the correct length, grammatically correct, typo-free, and cited where necessary. 2 pts 1 pts 0 pts 2 pt
Total Points: 10

Task 2: Build a Simple “Roll-the-ball” Game

If you follow the detailed instructions provided in this lecture, you should be able to have a fully working roll-the-ball game.

Deliverable 2: Create a unity package of your game and submit it to the appropriate Lesson 7 Assignment.

You can do this by simply going to the Assets in the top menu and then selecting “Export Package”.

Export Package menu
Credit: Unity

Make sure all the folders and files of your project are checked and included in the package you export (you can test this and import your package in a new Unity project to see if it runs).

Export menu
Credit: Unity

If you choose to implement the functionality of the main camera to follow the ball movement, please explain your solution as a comment in your script. You can add comments (texts in green) in C# by using “//”.

Helpful advice:

We highly recommend that, while working on the different tasks for this assignment, you frequently create backup copies of your Unity project folder so that you can go back to a previous version of your project if something should go wrong.

Grading Rubric for Roll-the-Ball game

Grading Rubric
Criteria Full Credit Half Credit No Credit Possible Points
Your game runs smoothly and as intended without any errors or strange behavior 6 pts 3 pts 0 pt 6 pts
Your project is complete and has all the required functionalities (coin rotation, collection, and sound effect). 3 pts 1.5 pts 0 pt 3 pts
Your Unity package has a proper folder structure, and all the files have meaningful names like it was done in the instructions 1 pt .5 pts 0 pts 1 pt
Total Points: 10