Geology of the National Parks

A Rocking Review


A Rocking Review

Review the Syllabus and Course Orientation with an ode to the Beatle's Obla Di Obla Da, performed by Dr. Richard Alley. Animation and video editing by Cindy Alley, videography by Eric Spielvogel, and words by Richard Alley.

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RICHARD ALLEY: (SINGING) Penn State says you gotta pay tuition, fees, take a lot of classes and get As. Then at graduation you'll win big degrees, and you'll be rich and famous throughout all your days.

Geo Sci 10 is why you should log on, lots of things here you can do. Have a lark in a park. I'll be doggone! You might just find you like it too.

In every week, you should survey, read, you quiz. And every second week, exercise. That's all there really is--

(SPEAKING) plus a final, and a chance to do some extra credit.

(SINGING) Penn State says computers are a part of life. Broadband really is the way to go. If you can't afford it, there's not too much strife. Penn State supplies computer labs, you know.

Geo Sci 10 is why school's not boring, lots of fun things here you can do. But if tire on the wire, we can't hear snoring through the computer screen from you.

(SPEAKING) So communicate by using the online discussion forums or by sending email to All Faculty.

(SINGING) When it comes to grades, we like lots of As, that's clear. We drop your two lowest quizzes and surveys and one exercise, no fear.

(SPEAKING) But please don't fall behind or you will get a bad grade.

(SINGING) Yellowstone is out there, and the Canyon Grand. Redwoods grow, elk bugle in the fall. Here's your guided tour across this mighty land, and if you pay it plain as granite for it all.

Geo Sci 10 is why this semester is gonna be worth all of that cash. But if you think that we stink, just remember, with your big job you can buy us in a flash.

Now you know, so now you're set to go.

Credit: Richard and Cindy Alley © Penn State is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0