Geology of the National Parks

Course Orientation Wrap Up


By now, you hopefully have a much better idea of what this course, and the online course environment, will be like. Time to test your skills! Once you have reviewed the syllabus and all of the materials in the Course Orientation, you will need to take the "Course Readiness Quiz" and pass it with a score of 90% or better in order to unlock the rest of the online materials for this course. You can take the quiz as many times as you need until you obtain at least 90%. Good luck!

Complete all of the Course Orientation tasks!

You have reached the end of the Course Orientation! Double check the to-do list on the Course Orientation Overview page to make sure you have completed all of the activities listed there before you begin Unit 1. 

Please note:

The assessments for Unit 1 will not open until the date indicated on the course calendar AND after you have scored at least 90% on the Course Readiness Quiz.


If you have anything you'd like to comment on or add to the course orientation materials, feel free to post your thoughts on the General Questions and Comments Discussion Forum or send an email to "All Teachers" and "All Teaching Assistants" through Canvas conversations with any questions.