Materials In Today's World

Reading Assignment


Things to consider...

While you read the material for this lesson in your e-book and on the course website, use the following questions to guide your learning. Also, remember to keep the learning objectives listed on the previous page in mind as you learn from this text.

  • What are the relevant issues for each stage of the total materials life cycle?
  • What are the inputs and outputs for the materials life cycle analysis/assessment scheme?
  • What is the "green design" philosophy of product design and how does it differ from the total materials life cycle paradigm?
  • What are the recyclability/disposability issues relative to metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites?
  • What are the three controllable factors that affect the cost of a materials product and how do they affect the cost?

Reading Assignment

Read pp 25-36 (Ch. 2) in Introduction to Materials ebook