Materials In Today's World

Reading Assignment


Things to consider...

When you read these chapters, use the following questions to guide your reading. Remember to keep the learning objectives listed on the overview page in mind as you learn from this text.

  • What are the common unit cells for ceramic materials?
  • What is a cation and an anion?
  • Carbon can exist in many forms, what are they and how do the structure and properties differ between the different forms?
  • Historically, glass-ceramics have been very important, what processes have been used throughout history and what commercial applications have been produced?
  • Clays are another important class of historical materials, what are some of the clay products?
  • What are refractory and abrasive ceramics, and what are some important requirements that must be met for their use?

Reading Assignment

Read pp 180-214 (Ch. 9 & 10) in Introduction to Materials ebook