EMSC 100
Freshman Seminar in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

Summary and Final Tasks



In Module 2, we learned about fissure eruptions by studying the 1783-84 eruption of Lakagígar in Iceland. Hopefully you noticed that although the type of lava erupted here - basalt - is the same type of lava erupted in Hawaii, the style of volcanism during this eruption was very different from what we typically see at Kilauea today. This basaltic fissure eruption produced fountains of lava that shot high into the air, and more importantly, emitted massive amouts of volatlie gases and aerosols into the atmosphere, with grave consequences for thousands of people living in the Northern Hemisphere. We also learned about mantle convection, mid-ocean ridges, and decompression melting. For our hands-on experiment this week, we created Diet Coke and Mentos "volcanoes" and used a little math to calculate gas emissions.

Final Tasks

Congratulations! You have completed Module 2. Please return to the Assignments table on Page 1 to be sure you have completed all tasks.


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