Controversies in the Earth Sciences

Hints for Lesson 4 Catalog Problem Set


Watch the videos below to see how I set up my data tables and make the plots for the earthquake catalog problem set in Lesson 4. In my example, I use Numbers, a mac spreadsheet program similar to excel.

In the first video, I show you how I sort the data in order to make counting a large number of earthquakes a straightforward and efficient process.

If you still aren't sure how to make a table of values out of your sorted list of magnitudes, watch the second video (below):

Want some further tips on how to make the plot after you've constructed your table of values? Watch the third video (below):

Having trouble plotting more than one dataset on the same axes? The video below gives some tips for doing this in Numbers.

If you are an excel user, much of the functionality of the program is similar to numbers, but if you have run into trouble making logarithmic axes, here's how: