Controversies in the Earth Sciences

SCEDC Catalog Directions


Make your own earthquake catalog from the SCEDC

Go to the Southern California Earthquake Data Center. Click the link for "SCSN Catalog Search."

On this page:

  1. Output format: leave as SCEDC
  2. Choose the same start and end dates as you did when you made your 1-year NMSZ catalog
  3. Leave the magnitudes and depths alone
  4. We will do a box search as follows: Southern latitude: 33, Northern latitude 38, West longitude -124, East longitude -119
  5. Event type: leave as Earthquake
  6. Geographic type: leave as local
  7. Don't choose legacy output format
  8. Choose to send output to file. This will make a popup box and you can save the plain text file it generates to your computer.
  9. Press the Submit Request button

Make a map of your catalog

Still on the catalog search page,

  1. Go back up to the top and choose Google Map as the output from the dropdown menu
  2. Leave everything else the same except,
  3. At the bottom where it asks you whether to Send Output to File, choose, "no, output to web page"
  4. Press the Submit Request button

Now you can download your map or take a screenshot of it to save it.